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Labor & Delivery 


Infant Care



Whatcom Working Doulas is a mother daughter doula duo! As your professional doulas we strive to provide compassionate and unbiased support to our clients. Once we become your doulas, we are available to answer any questions you may have and support any decision you make. 

During your prenatal support and visits, we educate you and provide you with all your options. This will prepare you for when the time comes, you are confident and ready to advocate for yourself. We go over different relaxation techniques, pain management, and what you could expect throughout your pregnancy up to delivery and postpartum.

While supporting your labor and delivery, your doula is focused on your physical and emotional needs in each moment. We also help to guide the supporting partner on how they can play a helpful and calming role. Utilizing the techniques that we went over during our prenatal visits, your partner and doula work together to best support your labor and delivery.

Postpartum support is very unique and specific to every client. During the follow up visit after birth we will go over your postpartum care and recovery, baby's needs, different soothing techniques, provide you with resources if needed, and answer any questions you may have. The following visits are based on the needs of each client. For example, one client may need extra help with cleaning and household chores, another may need someone to talk to, or a client just needs more sleep. For a client that is in need of more sleep an overnight shift can be extremely beneficial in getting a full night's rest.